Your pet must be on flea and tick preventative, year round this protects your pets and the others he comes in contact with in the city.

Your pooch is part of your family, so if he were ever to get loose from a collar or break from a leash, we ask that your precious pet is always supplied with a current ID tag with a phone number contact and we suggest getting him micro chipped. 

Generally, we like to schedule Drop offs and Pick ups between the hours of 9am - 10am and the hours of 5pm - 7pm.

We understand that life happens, so a grace period of 1 hour from the arranged time of pick up is given in the evening. Once the hour has elapsed we may need to make arrangements for pick up the following morning during normal pick-up and drop-off hours.  Late charges will apply in half-day increments.  Unfortunately, there can be no leniency in the morning pick up and drop off hours due to the normal dog-walking schedule.  Your punctuality is greatly appreciated.

For Overnight Care we ask that you provide more food than necessary for the duration of your dog’s visit.  If planes are delayed, or work trips are extended, we will have extra food for Buddy.  If circumstances arise that require us to provide food for your dog additional charges will apply.

Dogs 35 lbs and under - $3 per day
Dogs over 35 lbs - $5 per day

We ask that all information be truthful to the best of your knowledge when telling us about the needs and behaviors of your pets.  The more we know the better we are suited to take care of your loved ones.  It will also prevent difficult, unexpected, and potentially dangerous situations from occurring in the future. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions we would love to hear them! We are a young and growing business and are always looking for ways to improve our services. 

- Sarah Moureau


Call Sarah Moureau 215-514-1321 if you have any questions